Fire Safety Measures

Fire safety measures concerns the safety measures that are applied to prevent the effects of fire at a place. These measures must be applied everywhere so that the effects of fire does not harm any life or property. Safe areas where fire accidents do not occur are a result of proper use of fire safety measures. These areas set an example for other areas around them that fire safety measures are very important in our daily lives and we should apply them everyday so that a fire accident may not occur. In case the fire accident occurs, then due to the effect of these safety measures, there is not much harm to any property of life in the fire affected area.Feel free to visit Astoria Safety for additional information.

Essential fire safety measures mean that there is proper construction done in a building that ensures the safety of its inhabitants and leads a safe passage in case of a fire accident. In the name of fire safety measures, there are many safety equipments used for making fire safety measures. All the prevention measures are done under the supervision of the fire marshal or his men. The fire marshal is a person who is appointed as a public official and he makes all the arrangements for the prevention against fire accidents in his area and in case of a fire accident, investigates the reason behind that. Fire extinguishers are the most commonly used fire safety equipments. For the sake of the prevention of any fire accidents, these extinguishers are placed at various locations in a building.

This is done so that in case of fire, any person would use those extinguishers and extinguish the fire so that no further damage could be done to life and property. But this type of equipment is only effective in small fires as it has very limited amount of fire extinguishing material. The extinguishing material consists of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a fuel. The CO2 in the fuel surrounds the fire flames and cuts off its oxygen supply. As the fire needs oxygen, due to insufficient supply of oxygen the fire extinguishes in no time.

 Some other equipments are also used as a part of fire safety measures. These include fire blankets and fire safety alarms. When a person or a thing catches fire, these blankets are very useful. The person or thing is covered with these blankets which cut the oxygen supply to the fire and it gets extinguished. Fire alarms tell the people that there is a fire in the near area so that they could clear the area and reach to safer area in time.